I thought I was doing an decent job on fitness and health, until I started training with Stephen. He has taught me so much more about the true meaning of health, defined my goals, become courageous enough to cook, and has mentally shaped me to believe I am capable of actually being athletic.

I used to fill my workouts with endless hours on the treadmill training and workout videos. Now I can proclaim I can deadlift my own body weight. I’m no longer a breathless 1 miler, but a half-marathoner. I no longer fill my lunch bag with prepackaged ‘100 calorie’ snacks, but now I enjoy cooking and preparing almost all of my meals.

My health and fitness goals are now more specific, measurable, accomplishable, and continues to grow. I have Stephen to thank for opening my eyes, encouraging me, for being a great coach and mentor, and is going to be a lifelong good friend.

― Anh N.