How Training With Resistance Bands Can Improve Your Physique

Hypertrophy is a well-known term in the scientific and fitness community but perhaps not to the general population. The term hypertrophy simply means the increase of muscle size. Or in other terms guys, getting big and muscular and ladies, getting trim and toned! Perhaps that got your attention.

Resistance bands are a common piece of exercise equipment that can absolutely be used to help those seeking a better body. In this article, you will find 3 strategies on how you can improve your body through optimal tension!

There are (3) main elements that can help a muscle grow and tone:

  1. Mechanical tension
  2. Metabolic stress
  3. Muscle damage

This article would be much too long to dig deep into each category so let’s dive into arguably one of the more important ones; tension!


Without tension, muscles will simply not grow. This may seem fairly obvious but let’s take for instance an exercise like the Dumbbell Chest Press. Most individuals in the gym will perform this movement and finish with the weights stacked directly over their shoulders. This is incorrect in the sense that you lose tension! One way to increase and maintain tension in your muscles would be to stop before you lockout your elbows or keep the weights outside of shoulder-width.


Another way to increase tension in your muscles is to use resistance bands, ENTER… the Anchor Gym! The hooks allow you to loop resistance bands wherever you’d like in order to execute your exercise with increased tension. You see, the more you stretch a resistance band the more tension you create in the band which translates to a harder and more forceful muscle contraction – WIN! You can apply this same concept to any exercise like rows, presses, squats and even abdominal/core training.

Another reason resistance bands are an amazing tool is that they can apply added resistance in the positions you are strongest. For example, when you get to the top of a squat, it’s not that difficult for your glutes and quadriceps muscles to contract but when you add the benefit of resistance bands, it forces the muscles to contract harder against that portion of the strength curve (basically when it seems easiest – you’re body is working harder!).

Although there are plenty of ways to improve your muscular development and tone your body, resistance band training is fun, easy on the joints, and effective! Take advantage of this tool and upgrade your life with results by trying out resistance bands! Core Energy makes some amazing equipment, including resistance bands, check them out at the link below!



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