Coaching – The Missing Link


There are multiple paths to the same destination. The journey to optimal health, a lean body and a strong athletic performance can have many different faces. You’ve heard it said before that a friend of yours got lean by cutting carbs, by adding fasted cardio or started drinking kombucha. The point is that lots of programs and plans work! You can do a quick internet search and find a really good one for diet or exercise. The problem is that the program is only as good as the person trying to follow it. The missing link is coaching.

I write many programs for my clients. I also help strategize a nutritional plan that will help them get results that will last, not just for the short term. I pride myself in taking the time to know the why and how behind the what. Just having a meal plan can be beneficial for people such as myself who will do whatever it takes no matter if it feels good or bad to get results and are self-motivated. However, a cookie cutter meal plan doesn’t work for every single person, no matter how good it is! In the same light, a workout template doesn’t work for every BODY. Person A might get tremendous results from a certain workout program but Person B might actually not get any results and worse case scenario actually lose muscle and gain fat! Coaching is what helps put the pieces together.

 Coaching is trying to find a path that someone can follow to get a desired effect. As I stated above, the journey to the same place can look drastically different from person to person. The missing link is coaching, and coaching is the strategy to get from A to B.

Getting from A to B can be gaining muscle, losing fat or just being able to pick up grandchildren and play with them! HOW you get from A to B has to be intentional, strategic and mindful. Otherwise the results are temporary and fall by the wayside and you will likely find yourself looking for the next magic program to help get rid of that stubborn fat.

For example, the squat exercise looks like a movement that people do to get up off of a chair or just an exercise to build lower body strength and size. WRONG! The squat is a FANTASTIC exercise for both building strength and size for the legs but can lead to serious injury or just no muscular development or strength if done wrong.. and trust me it’s done wrong by someone in the gym EVERY DAY. Did you know that you should maximally bend the hips and knees, spreading your knees apart while locking your ribcage down and shoulders back? Not so simple now is it.. A to B now looks considerably different.

Another example with diet and nutrition is a low-carb diet. We know that there is no essential carbohydrate in the diet and when you drop carbs, bodyweight usually goes down, energy might stabilize and you may look and feel awesome! However, dropping carbs too long or too often depending on your goal and body type may actually force your body to put body weight back on, lower your metabolism, your thyroid and maybe even your libido (nooooo!!!)! How and when you drop or add carbs into a diet can be tricky and you should have a method to the madness. Something backed by science and experience.

The point is this; set goals, seek assistance to help you support your goals through help in diet, exercise and lifestyle changes and if necessary, hire a coach to create a custom and personalized strategy to help you get there. Getting from A to B might be simple but it won’t be easy. Make the journey worth it by understanding the process and take responsibility for your body! Now go crush it!


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