Make It Simple

Puzzles to me are not enticing. I don’t think I have ever sat down (at least not yet) and been super pumped up to put together a puzzle from scratch, start to finish. They seem complicated and overwhelming. I like things to be simple. Easy to implement, easy to configure and easy to understand. Enter exercise and proper technique…

Shoulder mobility and stability, hip mobility, core strength… we want to create a good environment for all of these things and I tell a lot of people to squeeze your shoulder blades together, tighten your mid-section, activate your glutes and so forth but keeping it SIMPLE is definitely the way to go!

Recently, a lot of my awesome personal training clients give me great feedback about my own coaching and their comprehension of the exercises that we do together and on their own. Here are a few visualizations that have helped my clients (obviously because they came up with most of them!) and myself while doing exercises:


Chest – keep your chest up.

Abs – brace your core.

Butt – squeeze your glutes.

Exercises that benefit from these visualizations: EVERY exercise! Squats, deadlifts, cleans, Turkish-Getups, pullups, etc.

Walnuts and Oranges

Crack the walnuts – imagine trying to crack open a shelled walnut with your butt cheeks!

Make orange juice – squeeze your armpits like you’re trying to make orange juice out of oranges.

Exercises that can improve keeping these visualizations: Pushups, Inverted Rows, Squats, Deadlifts… see a trend here? 🙂

Keep it simple. Think of these words during exercise while trying to visualize the movement and you just may upgrade your exercise experience and become MORE awesome!!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers


Please contact me or comment here and let me know what things have helped you improve and simplify your workouts and possibly even LIFE!


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